Call for Papers

The SOM 2022 congress welcomes submission of full-length research papers to be peer-reviewed and presented at the SOM 2022 which will be held at Grand Walkerhill Seoul, Korea from June 27 (Mon) to 29 (Wed), 2022.

Congress Theme
SOM in the Anthropocene

Important Dates

Online Abstract Submission Opens

June 21 (Mon), 2021

Submission Due

January 17 (Mon), 2022

Submission Due (Extended)

February 28 (Mon), 2022

Submission Due (Final)

March 14 (Mon), 2022

Notification of Review Results

March 31 (Thu), 2022

Presenter’s Registration Due

April 29 (Fri), 2022

Early Registration Due

May 13 (Fri), 2022

Regular Registration Due

June 20 (Mon), 2022

Session Topics

The Effect of Climate Change on Soil Functions/Services

1. Land Use & Climate Changes on SOM Dynamics
2. Impact of Climate Change on Soil Microbial-Plant Interactions
3. Vulnerability and Dynamics of Deep SOM Stocks

Farming Systems and Soil Organic Matter Dynamic, Storage and Sequestration

4. Rice Paddies: Impact of Anthropocene on SOM Dynamics
5. Links between SOM &Nutrient Cycling
6. Carbon Neutral & Negative Emission

Biological, Physical, and Chemical Controls on Soil Organic Matter in Agroecosystems

7. Living Part of SOM - Soil Organisms
8. Physical & Biogeochemical Reaction of SOM
9. Soil Quality & Health

Digging Deeper into Persistent of Soil Organic Carbon Stocks, Novel SOM Component

10. Regeneration of SOM with New Resources: Biochar or Artificial Organic Sources
11. Impact of (Micro-) Plastics as Exotic Source on Soil Environments
12. Blue Carbon: Terrestrial, Deep & Extreme Ecosystems

Innovative Methods and MRV Tools: Benefits and Limitations

13. Qualifying, Quantifying & Visualizing SOM
14. SOM Modelling, Mapping & Tracing
15. SOM with Artificial Intelligence: Big data, Engineering & Remote Sensing

Special Program

Young Scientist Session

Confirmed List of SOM 2022 Special Issues

Special Issue Topic

“Microbial Control of Soil Organic Matter Dynamics: Effects of Land Use and Climate Change”

Special Issue Topic

"Soil Organic Matter in the Anthropocene: Its Role in Climate Change Mitigation and Food Security"

Special Issue Topic

"Towards a Mechanistic Understanding of the Role of SOM in Global Regenerative Farming Practices"

Special Issue Topic

"Micro(nano)plastics in the Anthropocene: Impact on the Carbon Cycling Processes in Soil"


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  Journals below have agreed to publish a Special Issue of SOM 2022 free papers.

  More details on special issues will be provided after the symposium.

Young Scientist Session

Selected papers from the young scientists will be presented at the "Young Scientist Session" on June 27 (Mon) and will be rewarded at the SOM 2022 Closing Ceremony.

Apply for the "Young Scientist Session" during your abstract submission.